Want to increase your basic productivity quickly? Now you don't need to wait for more. Microsoft office has brought the plan to increase productivity quickly. is the new plan to increase productivity. Microsoft 365 are Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Drive, Publisher, Access, etc. Each application has its use. Microsoft 365 can be used on more than one device; that is, you can install it on many devices using a single subscription plan. Now you can also chat with your team or co-workers using Microsoft 365 setup personal applications. The applications that increase productivity are spread sheet, word processor, email client, calendar, presentation application. Using Skype, you can collaborate and communicate with your working team online. You can check the documents or files shared between your team. If the file size is large, you can send the link on that file instead of sending the whole file to the team.

The activation using product key:-

The product key of Microsoft 365 Setup  is 25 digits. Using the product key, one can activate the plan or subscription on their device. You can get the key code online and offline. To purchase it offline, visit the nearby retail site to buy the plan. And then, you will get the code inside the package. To buy the code online, you need to visit the Microsoft office store using the browser and then pay online. Then you will receive the product key on your Email ID, or you will directly receive the download link. Following are the steps to activate Microsoft 365;

Easy process to create a new account on

If you already have an account on Microsoft 365, you must enter your login ID, Email ID, or Mobile number. And then enter into your old account. Following is the process to create a new account on Microsoft 365;

Know how to Download and install applications:-

Following is the process to download and install Microsoft 365 applications;